Youngkin says parents ‘know firsthand’ what Trump’s going through

Youngkin’s 2021 campaign made a big bet on parental anger over education, and the strategy paid off. After trailing in the polls against Democrat Terry McAuliffe, he made a late-in-the-campaign surge and eked out a roughly 2-point victory.

Youngkin has also been seen as a potential candidate to run for the Republican nomination for president in 2024, and Trump has lashed out as the governor weighs whether to jump in.

Republican presidential hopefuls have taken a range of positions in reaction to the news on Thursday that Trump has been indicted on charges connected to his handling of classified national security records. Some are taking a wait-and-see approach, while others — like Youngkin — have gone after the Justice Department, accusing prosecutors of a political motivation.

“Regardless of your party, this undermines faith in our judicial system at exactly the time when we should be working to restore that trust,” Youngkin’s tweet said.

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