“We’ll Get Out of Retirement” – UFC Legend Glover to Make Comeback on 1 Condition to Dana White

Glover Teixeira has had a star-studded career in UFC. The legendary fighter had won the UFC light heavyweight title, and has given MMA fans many moments to remember. Teixeira recently retired after a loss to the current light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill and is now coaching the middleweight champ Alex Pereira.

Glover Teixeira has been making headlines recently with his comments about a potential comeback to the sport. In a recent interview with ‘AG Report’, Teixeira spoke about the possibility of a comeback.

One condition for Glover Teixeira’s comeback


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He indicated that while he is currently happy with his retirement, he would consider returning to the octagon if the money was right. Teixeira referenced the example of Larry Holmes, a former heavyweight boxing champion who came out of retirement to fight Mike Tyson in 1988. Holmes was offered a significant amount of money, and Teixeira suggested that a similar offer could tempt him to return to the sport.

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“Then money talks. If you pay, we’ll get out of retirement. Didn’t Larry Holmes get out of retirement after three years to fight Mike Tyson? They offered him some money that he had never earned before,” Teixeira said, as reported by AG Fight.

Glover Teixeira: His MMA Career

Teixeira‘s last fight in January 2023 was a hard-fought battle against Jamahal Hill. He gave a fabulous performance but lost the fight by a unanimous decision. Although a loss, it was a fitting end to Teixeira‘s career, as it showcased his well-rounded skillset and toughness in the face of adversity.


Glover Teixeira’s Losses in MMA

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Teixeira‘s reign as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion was short-lived. However, his accomplishments in the sport are impressive.

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Glover Teixeira‘s recent comments about a potential comeback have generated a lot of buzz in the MMA community. The allure of a big payday could entice him to return to the octagon.


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Do you think Dana White would agree to a big payday for Teixeira’s return?

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