President of Brazil discusses plans for country, need for peace in Ukraine

ABU DHABI, March 7, 2023 (WAM) — Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil, said that the government would start rebuilding all the interrupted construction in the education field.

“US$4.4 billion worth of investments in infrastructure projects were already announced,” he told BandNews, the news channel of Band.

Lula, who was sworn in as the President of Brazil in January, stressed that the government would put the country to work. “We are reorganising society. We are going to take care of family agriculture, we are going to run the PAA (Food Acquisition Programme) again, we are going to do the PNAE (National School Feeding Programme), we are going to put money to circulate in the productive sector, investing a lot in small and medium-sized companies, in small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, in family farming, and in medium-sized agriculture.”

He also tackled the issue of the high interest rate in Brazil, stressing the need to lower the interest rate in the country.

International arena

Lula promised to recover what he called Brazil’s international prestige. “We will have more direct investment, foreign direct investment here in Brazil, and the economy will grow again.”

He also addressed the Ukrainian crises and proposed the establishment of an international group to discuss peace, stating that “it is necessary to create a group of countries that is willing to discuss the establishment of peace.”

Regarding the economic effects of the conflict, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva stressed the need to find peace. “Brazil is taking the stand to discuss peace. We must first understand that we must stop the conflict. After that, we will negotiate what will happen”, Lula said.

Fake News

The Brazilian leader also mentioned the fight against fake news. “The world of lies is winning over the world of truth. We need to slow down, end this.”

He proposed to take the topic to the international sphere. “It is a debate that requires an international action, and will have to take place either at the G20, the G8 or at the United Nations; we will have to discuss this issue”, Lula concluded.

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