Inside the controversial marriage of a polyamorous man with five wives: ‘No jealousy’

A man known for having multiple wives has added a fifth to the fold – and at 51 she’s a little older than the rest of his harem.

Arthur O Urso, a model from São Paulo in Brazil, who is coy about revealing his age, regularly hits headlines around the world because of his controversial marriage setup.

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At his peak, the social media influencer, who has 198,000 Instagram followers, had a total of nine wives and had hoped to make it 10.

But last year, heartbreak struck – and the polyamorist divorced four of the women.

Now Arthur, who is thought to be in his late 20s or early 30s, has picked himself up and welcomed 51-year-old Olinda Maria as his newest wife.

Arthur O Urso is a polyamorous man who now has five wives. Credit: Jam Press/CO Press Office

Olinda said she had to be approved by Arthur’s picky first wife, 26-year-old Luana Kazaki.

Having lived in a polyamorous relationship before, Olinda isn’t worried about potential “jealousy”, instead saying she is excited about the future.

“I’m not jealous in any way,” Olinda told

“I’m a great wife, partner, and friend.

“I expect we’re all going to do everything intensely, do everything possible to take care of my love, Arthur.”

Polyamorous Arthur with his fifth new wife, Olinda Maria. Credit: Jam Press/CO Press Office

Olinda said when she had to get Luana’s approval, she was anxious and “just had this mixture of emotions”.

“But when we met, we instantly realised there was this strong connection between us,” she said.

“It seems that I know her from other lives.”

Once approved by Luana, Olinda joined her and Emelly Souza, Amanda Albuquerque and Karol Lacerda in the romantic setup.

Arthur with his four wives, Luana Kazaki, Emelly Souza, Amanda Albuquerque and Karol Lacerda. Credit: Jam Press/CO Press Office

Arthur and Luana, who both describe themselves as swingers, decided to open up their relationship in 2021.

And they formalised their union with the other women at a Catholic church – although it is not legally binding, because polygamy is illegal in Brazil.

They have gone on to post videos and photos of their romantic setup, as well as their sex tips – earning £50,000 ($A91,000) a month on OnlyFans.

Sex schedule

Arthur has previously said he struggles to balance the needs of his many wives, having been forced to create a sex schedule to keep up with their needs.

“They all want to fulfil my sexuality at any cost,” he previously told

“They are happy to make it their goal.

“Our sex life is really fun and pleasurable.”

He says he initially tried to have “sex by appointment”.

“But following a timetable caused a lot of problems,” he said.

“And sometimes, I felt like I had to have sex because of the schedule, and not for pleasure.”

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