Case against Bolsonaro might be reopened following STF ruling



Case against Bolsonaro might be reopened following STF ruling

Tuesday, July 11th 2023 – 08:19 UTC

Mendes’ decision was based on the fact that former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello has special jurisdiction and cannot be tried by a court lower than the STF

Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court (STF) Justice Gilmar Mendes decided to undo the shelving of a lawsuit against former President Jair Bolsonaro, Agencia Brasil reported Monday.

 Mendes decided to annul a decision by the Federal Court in Brasilia that shelved one of the lawsuits investigating an alleged omission by Bolsonaro while managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

With Mendes’ decision, it will be up to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to re-evaluate the process and decide whether the case will have a new course.

In addition to Bolsonaro, the process involves former Health Minister and current Federal Deputy Eduardo Pazuello, former Health Ministry Secretary Mayra Pinheiro, and former Bolsonaro Communication Secretary Fabio Wajngarten among other officials of the previous administration.

Part of the process is related to the investigations by the Congressional investigative committee known as CPI which indicted 80 people for crimes during the sanitary crisis. Part of the investigation was closed at the request of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF). However, the decision could not have been taken because Pazuello, who has privileged jurisdiction, can only be tried by the STF, it was explained.

The re-evaluation of the case will be conducted by Attorney General Augusto Aras and Deputy Attorney General Lindôra Araújo, who will remain in office until September this year when President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva can choose to keep them or make a new appointment.

Under Bolsonaro, Araújo asked the STF Court to close investigations into alleged crimes attributed to the former president during the pandemic.

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