Bolsonaro’s funds frozen over unpaid Covid-19 fines

Bolsonaro’s funds frozen over unpaid Covid-19 fines

Thursday, June 15th 2023 – 09:46 UTC

“For now I have funds,” Bolsonaro said about his fines

A Sao Paulo court Wednesday froze former President Jair Bolsonaro’s bank accounts over unpaid fines worth R$ 87,000 (about US$ 18,000) for failing to comply with health laws during the Covid-19 pandemic, it was reported.

The decision published in the São Paulo Court of Justice system refers to fines Bolsonaro received in 2020 and 2021 for having violated the rule requiring people to wear masks and avoid crowds, during three visits made to São Paulo cities. The total amount due includes fines, interests, and legal fees.

The blocking of the funds was decided by Judge Ana Maria Brugin, from the State Tax Execution Court, in compliance with the request of the government of Sao Paulo, it was explained.

According to CNN Brazil, the total amount blocked reached a little over R$ 317,000 reais (about US$ 65,000).

The fines were imposed by the Sao Paulo Health Secretariat on December 14 and 15, 2021, and issued between January and February 2022.

Former president Bolsonaro participated Wednesday in an event at the headquarters of his political force, the Liberal Party, in which he affirmed that he will face with “haughtiness” the obstacles he has before justice.

Next June 22, the Superior Electoral Court must start the trial to decide whether to disenfranchise Bolsonaro for having attacked the credibility of the electronic ballot box system while still in office. The charges are abuse of political power and misuse of functions in an attempt to delegitimize the electoral process.

Regarding the fines, Bolsonaro said that “For now I have funds, I expect to be paid on the outside if this measure continues,” Bolsonaro said during a Liberal Party (PL) event.

“We already know how Justice is here in Brazil; then, we prepare ourselves for whatever happens, we prepare ourselves with a lot of pride to seek alternatives; I believe in God, in this country our life is not easy, but it’s okay, we face these obstacles,” he said.

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