Bolsonaro returns to Brazil despite being under investigation



Bolsonaro returns to Brazil despite being under investigation

Friday, March 31st 2023 – 08:18 UTC

Bolsonaro plans to regroup Brazil’s rightwing forces against Lula

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro landed in Brasilia on a Gol Airlines flight from Orlando at 6.37 am local time Thursday after having left the country while he was still head of state in late December to skip Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva’s inauguration.

For security reasons, Bolsonaro did not go through the airport’s main gate, where he was expected by journalists and supporters. He then went to the headquarters of the Liberal Party (PL), where he was welcomed by his wife Michelle, and by party chairman Valdemar Costa Neto. Bolsonaro has been named honorary party chairman.

In an interview before leaving the United States, Bolsonaro hinted he will act as opposition leader against Lula while facing several criminal charges against him. According to PL sources quoted by local media, Bolsonaro returned to the country with the “task” of regrouping the forces of the right, although he is under investigation for the Jan. 8 riots and for the mismanagement of valuable gifts from Saudi Arabia.

During his stay in Orlando, Bolsonaro stayed at the home of martial arts fighter José Aldo and led a normal life with visits to supermarkets, restaurants, and temples, according to videos posted on the networks by his followers.

He also made a US domestic trip to be a guest speaker at a conservative rally featuring Donald Trump and other Republican Party presidential hopefuls.

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